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    Guided paddling tours


    We have set several dates for guided paddling tours for this summer. All our guided tours are full service including all paddling and camping gear adn meals. Tours from 8 hours up to 3 days, all in Linnansaari or Kolovesi National Parks. Read more and sign up! Notice! This summer we also have a "beginners paddling" on Wednesdays in July and August!

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    Weekends seal photography course was a succes


    This year we had a great weather during the seal photography course. Sun was shining and we got great seal shots!

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    May is the month of Seal Safaris!


    Now is the time to go for a seal safari. In May the seals are resting on the rocks and it's best time to spot them. The weather is great at the moment, sunny, warm and calm -perfect for seal watching! Check our seal safari timetable and book online!

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    The fishing season on open water has started


    Our fishing guides started the fishing season yesterday with this beautiful catch. Pikeperch 3,2 kg.

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  • The first boats are on the lake


    We have already made a short safari on lake Joutenvesi north of Oravi. Lake Haukivesi is still frozen. This weekend the summer season starts and the terrace in Restaurant Ruukinranta is open. Welcome to enjoy pizza and a drink or two!

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  • Thank you for this skating season


    The skating route from Oravi to Linnansaari is not open anymore. The marked hiking route is still open.

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  • Force majore


    It is not possible to keep the skating route open this weekend. The skiing track from Oravi to Linnansaari is open.

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  • A lot of snow.


    The skating route is not open today, we recommend walking or skiing.

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  • Snow and wind again


    It was snowing a lot last night. Today morning we have ploughed the route from Oravi to Linnansaari. Be prepared to walk some parts.

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  • The route is open


    It was very cold last night (-20 degrees). Now we have new, smooth surface ice!

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