Boat taxi

A boat taxi can be ordered any day 1.5. - 31.10.

Oravi -Linnansaari 15 €/person/one way, minimum 45 €/boat
Oravi-Järvisydän min. 120 €/one way
Järvisydän-Linnansaari 25 €/person/one way minimum 120 €/boat

The boat taxi is available in Haukivesi - Joutenvesi area. Please prebook the taxi one day ahead for longer trips.

Regular boat

Regular boat service Oravi - Linnansaari - Järvisydän 22.6. - 2.9. 2018

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Daily timetable:


Oravi-Linnansaari:   9.30am*    12.30pm    3.30pm*   
Linnansaari-Oravi:   12noon          3pm       6pm

*Boat drives from Oravi to Linnansaari and continues  to Järvisydän


Oravi - Linnansaari: 9,50 €/adult/one way - 4,50 €/child/ one way

Oravi - Järvisydän/Porokylä/ Kaarnetsaari: 20€/ adult/ one way, 15€/ child/ one way


Järvisydän - Linnansaari:  11am*  and  5pm*

Linnansaari - Järvisydän:  10am   and   4pm

*Boat drives from Järvisydän to Linnansaari and continues  to Oravi


Järvisydän - Linnansaari: 15€/ adult/ one way,

Järvisydän - Oravi: 20€/ adult/ one way, 15€/ child/ one way

Järvisydän - Kaarnetsaari: 9,90€/ adult, 4,50€/ child/ one way

Boat capasity 8-14 persons/ boat. On busy days we drive the route with several boats or multiple times with one boat. Please be prepared for small timetable changes.

Ship Cruises and Safaris

Ship cruises in the National Park 1.5. - 31.10.

Ship cruises to Linnansaari NP from Oravi, Järvisydän, Mustalahti or Savonlinna. Ship capasities 75 persons and 115 persons. Both ships have spacious decks, restaurant service, bar and cafe.

Safaris are done with open boats with capacity of 8-15 persons.

Read more about our cruises and safaris from here or ask an offer from the sales office!

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