Hunting elk (Alces alces)

Hunting days Tomi ja kaato lähik.JPG

Each year the hunting period starts the first Saturday after  15.10 and lasts for 4 days + following weekend.

The guests take part in traditional elk hunting with dogs in Enonkoski (ca 25 km from Oravi). During the day we visit 2-4 different hunting areas. We make lunch and coffee breaks at the lodge of the hunting association.

6:30 Breakfast
7:30 The guide picks up the group
8:00 Meeting at the lodge, instructions
9:00 The guide takes the guests to the stands
Hunting until 4-5 pm

Lunch: Coffee/tea, beer, game soup,  bread and sausages
Equipment: if needed we arrange clothes and boots for the guests + obligatory orange vest and hat.
Price: 325 e / person /day, min 500 e/day (incl. guides, dogs, transportation during the day, lunch, equipment)
Group size: 1-6 persons
Rent of a gun : 40€/day
Trophy fees: calf: 150€, female: 225€, male less than 5 spikes on the antler 300€, large male : 300€ + 100€/ spike on the antler
Licenses: the guests shall provide SaimaaHoliday with the following documents at the latest one week before the event:
1. Hunting license
2. Big game shooting license
3. Shotgun license

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