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Wilderness skills for groups

During our wilderness skills class you will learn some of the basic survival skills. We do everything in groups in a safe and fun way. Our wilderness guides will teach you how to orienteer with a map and compass, how to make a campfire with or without matches etc.If the sun is shining we can make a sun clock of natural materials found in the forest. We will also do some smaller team building activities.

The content of the class can differ slightly due to the weather and different seasons of the year.

Group size: 8-30

For whom: For everyone! The class is held outside and we'll walk a short distances in the forest. No prior experience is needed. The class is also suitable for children!

Duration: 2-3 hours

Where? Classes are held in Porokylä (Rantasalmi) near Järvisydän and on Linnansaari island. To Linnansaari we travel by boat from Oravi ca. 15min.

Price: In Porokylä 29 €/  person min. 350 €

On Linnansaari island  45 €/ person min 350 €.   The price includes boat transfer from Oravi village to the island.

Extra: coffee/tea and pancakes (everyone gets to make their own pancake on the fire) 8 €/person

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