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Linnansaari Winter Trail -Skating and hiking

The most beautiful ice trail in Finland, from Oravi through Linnansaari National Park to Rantasalmi, or vice versa. The total length of the prepared route is 20-40 km depending on the weather conditions. The route is open for  walkers, mountain bikes, kick sparks, skiers and skaters when the weather is permitting. There are fire places along the route and a cafeteria on Linnansaari (open during winter peak season). Have a look at some videos from the icy lake:

Itä-Savo 2013 Luistelureitillä 2012 Jään mittaus 2012 Unelmajäätä 2012 Luistelureitillä 2008

Trail and fees

Linnansaari ICE ROUTE 2017.jpg 


Oravi - Linnansaari 5km
Linnansaari - Järvisydän 13km
Oravi - Järvisydän 18km
Oravi - PikkuLappi 15km

The route on GoogleMaps


Linnansaari island: cafeteria (opening hours are announced in the journal), fire place, cooking shelter, outdoor toilet.

PikkuLappi island: fire place, outdoor toilet

There are resting places and maps along the route. The routes are prepared and our route masters measure the thickness of the ice.


Adult: 8€/ day, 40€/ season
Children 12-16years: 4€/day, 20€/ season
Children younger than 12 years free of charge

Guided skating trips

Learn to skate safely on natural

In November - January, depending on the ice conditions, we arrange skating excursions on the lake. Courses available for both beginners and for more advanced skaters.
Price: 25 €/person (with your own gear), 39 €/ person (with rental gear), min. 220 €
Group size: minimum 2 persons
Starting point: Oravi
Availability: November-January, depending on the ice conditions
Duration: 2 - 5 hours
Service languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

Tour skating in Linnansaari National Park

Feel the fascination of speed and see the magnificence of lake nature in winter, by tour skating or kick sledding. During the excursion we will enjoy a snack and warm drinks by open fire.
Price:  38 €/person, min. 310 €
Group size: 2-50 persons
Starting point: Oravi or Järvisydän
Availability: January – March, to be booked beforehand
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Service languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

By skates or kick spark to Linnansaari...
... and return with sleigh.

We start by getting the equipment for skating or kick sledding. The guide will show you the right techniques. The lenght of the route to Linnansaari is 5 - 14 km depending on starting place. In Linnansaari we serve coffee and pancakes.

For return we dress you in warm safari outfits and the sleigh will take you back in just ca. 30 min
A shorter program can also be done to Lapinsaari.

From Oravi: 82€/ person, min 330€
From Järvisydän: 94€/ person, min 460€
Group size: 2 - 16 persons
Starting place: Oravi or Järvisydän
Duration: 3-4 h
Service languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
Gear: All participants must have warm outfits for skating. Price includes skating gear, safari outfit, helmet, boots, coffee with pancake and guidance.

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