• New canava resort presentation on Saturday


    Saturday 20.5. you can get to know the new Kanava Resort in Oravi. A presenter will be in villa no. 7 from 10 am to 12 pm

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  • Seal season


    This year we started making the seal trips on May 4. as soon as Haukivesi was free from ice. At the beginning of the season, you can usually find seals on the ice floes. Today was the first day when there was no more ice anywhere and all the seals were found on rocks on the shore. Have you noticed that on Mother's Day there is also a seal cruise with a bigger boat? Check out the Mother's Day program on the events page.

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  • kolovesi 5.5.2023.jpg

    Also Kolovesi lake is now free from ice


    In the coming week, we will fix up the rental point and canoes and kayaks will be available for booking in the online store on frpm May 12.th

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  • Ice has melted in Linnansaari National Park


    Almost all the ice has now melted in Linnansaari National Park. Today we also organize the first seal safaris of the season.

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  • The ice has melted on Joutenvesi 1.5.


    Now it is possible to paddle and make safaris in Joutenvesi area north of Oravi. Haukivesi lake and Linnansaari National Park is still frozen but now it will not take many days before also Haukivesi is open.

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  • Spring is now progressing rapidly - next weekend the summer restaurant will be opened


    There is still snow on the ground in many places and the lake is frozen, but all the southern shores are thawed, the migratory birds have arrived and the ice is so weak that it is no longer possible to go on the ice. Next weekend we open the a la carte restaurant again and it will be open until September.

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  • We are open this Sunday


    The equipment rental office and shop are open on Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm and the restaurant's kitchen is open from 12 pm to 4 pm. Linnansaari's pancake cafe is no longer open this winter. Skating is not possible anymore. We recommend kick sparks, skis, bicycle or walking on ice. There is no skitrack on the ice, but next to the marked route you can ski without a track. Especially with the skating style, the ski glides nicely. On Monday we will celebrate the Easter holiday and the shop will be closed then.

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  • 4/6/2023

    The entire skating route Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän will remain open during Easter and the ice is still strong. The ice is in skating condition in the morning, but around 1 pm the surface softens. You can walk and ski throughout the day on the hiking trail. Oravi rental office is open Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Linnasnaari's pancake cafe is open Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Restaurant Ruukinranta's kitchen is open Fri-Sun from 12-5pm.

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  • Skating in the morning


    The skating track between Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän is open, now there are good skating conditions. You should definitely go skating in the morning, because the ice softens due to the sun during the afternoon. A traditional ski track is also being made from Oravi to Linnansaari in the morning. Oravi's equipment rental office and café are open from 9-17.

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  • The skating track from Oravi to Järvisydän is open again!


    The skating track can now be skated from Oravi to Linnansaari, we are trying to open the track all the way to Järvisydän during this day. We will inform you when the Linnansaari-Järvisydän part is also open. It is recommended to go skating early in the morning, because the sun softens the surface of the ice towards the afternoon. Oravi's equipment rental is open from 9-17. EDIT. The skating track has now been opened and planed all the way to Järvisydän. The new section from Linnansaari to Pikku-Lappi is in skating condition, but we will maintain this part to get it even better.

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