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    Sunny weekend


    The whole winter hiking trail Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän is open for walking, skiing and biking. Ice skating is still not possible. From Oravi you can also book a sleigh ride to Linnansaari.

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    Sleigh ride to Linnansaari and snowshoeing on the nature trail


    The most popular activíty this week has been sleig rides to Linnansaari. Book online or from our sales office.

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  • Great day for skiing


    It is a beautiful and sunny day to go skiing. Traditional cross-country skiing track on ice from Oravi to Linnansaari (5km/one way) is in good condition. The forest skking track in Oravi also waits skiiers. The gear rental and cafe in Oravi are open 9-17.

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    On Sat 26.2. the rental shop in Oravi is open 9-17 and the pancake cafeteria on Linnansaari is open 10-15. You can hike or ski to the island or take a sleigh ride from Oravi. Restaurant Ruukinranta in Oravi serves a lunch buffet 12-16. On Sun 27.2. the rental shop is open 10-15.

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    Ski track from Oravi to Linnansaari in excellent condition


    Today the sun is shining and there is no wind - a perfect day for hiking on the ice. According to the weather forecast it will be windy on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we are again expecting good hiking weather. The conditions are good for skiing, walking or biking but no skating.

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    In Finland the winter school breaks are during weeks 8-10 and the winter break is called skiing holiday. This year we have a lot of snow and it is really possible to enjoy a skiing holiday. In Savonlinna area you find more than 100 km prepared ski tracks that are now in good condition. Below you find links to the route maps.

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  • 2/17/2022

    The weather is still warm and there is no possibility to make a skating route. Even the hiking route will be too soft on Friday. The weather is getting colder during the weekend, we will check the condition of the hiking route on Saturday morning.

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  • Warm weather


    Plus degrees until the end of the week. It is possible to walk or ski on the hiking route but skating is not possible.

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  • The snowmobile / hiking route from Oravio to Porosalmi is now open


    The route is marked with orange sticks. There is water on the ice at several places. The route is gettig better day by day.

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  • Snow activities


    There is no chance to make the skating route to Linnansaari, too much snow. The marked hiking route to Linnansaari is open and there you can walk or ski. The rental shop and cafeteria is open on Saturday 9-17, closed on Sunday.

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