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Paddling in Kolovesi

Kolovesi is a paddler's paradise, where rocky cliffs rise over the narrow lake channels that form part of the vast labyrinthine Saimaa Lake System. Ancient rock paintings give insights into how Finland's early settlers lived in harmony with nature thousands of years ago. With luck you might encounter a curious Saimaa ringed seal. Canoeing allows you to truly appreciate the tranquillity of Kolovesi. Motor boats are not allowed in the park.

Explore the park by yourself
You can rent paddling equipment and camping gear in Oravi and start your trip in Oravi or in Kolovesi. It takes  1-2 days to paddle from Oravi to Kolovesi (ca 30 km). The route goes through the beautiful Joutenvesi lake area so there is no need to hurry. There are no marked camp sites in Joutenvesi, choose your place according to the everyman’s right. On request we transport canoes to Kirkkoranta. You can also start your trip in Kolovesi and finish in Oravi. Book your trip in our web shop or from our sales office.

Gear Rental: We have rental houses in Oravi and in Kolovesi Kirkkoranta. Book your gear from the location where you want to start your trip.

Guided trips
Our guided paddling trips are all inclusive. The price includes paddling equipment, camping equipment, the guide, food and drinks. The trips are usually made with single or double kayaks. We sleep in tents or in a log house. Book your own private trip or join a group. You find the departure dates in our event calendar. See the guided paddling trips from here!


Oravi - Kolovesi -Oravi. ca 80 -100km. Duration 4-7 days
Oravi - Kolovesi (or Kolovesi - Oravi). ca 40-50km. Duration 2-3 days. One direction by car.
Around Kolovesi ca. 20-30km. Duration 1-2 days. Transportation to Kolovesi by car.

More about the special SealTrail routes from here.

More information and maps:
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More information about Kolovesi

Planning guide for paddling holiday in Kolovesi -Seal Trail Visitors Guide.pdf

Yoou can buy a water proof  map of Kolovesi, Linnansaari and Mid-Saimaa (Savonlinna-Varkaus-Heinävesi incl. Linnansaari ja Kolovesi) from our office.

Starting places: Kirkkoranta, Kirkkorannantie Enonkoski. Käkötaipale, Vääräntauksentie Enonkoski. Our rental point in Kolovesi situated in Kirkkoranta.

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