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Linnansaari National Park has 20 camp grounds accessible by boat.
Sammakkoniemi camping has a cafeteria, boat harbour, sauna, well, eco hostel, fire places, cooking shelter and outdoor toilet. Camping fee in Sammakkoniemi 10 €/tent. The hiking trail from Sammakkoniemi to the croft is ca 1 km and to Perpulanluhta camp site ca 3,5 km.

Boat stage at Sammakkoniemi Camping in Linnansaari Island (62°06,09' 28°31,06') for smaller boats. North of the channel, past the eastern end of Kamarluoto to Sammakkoniemi boat stage, unofficially marked route. Depth 1,5m. The stage has 10-15 places with buoys

Small boat stage at Kamarluoto (62°06,02' 28°31,46'), near the entrance channel to Sammakkoniemi camping on the northern shore of Kamarluoto ca 200 metres from Sammakkoniemi
Harbour fee 12 €/night (from mid summer to the end of august)

Linnansaari pier  (62°06,00' 28°30,76') on the southern shore of Linnansaari Island. Depth 7,0 m. Four anchor places
Situated ca 300 m from Sammakkoniemi  on the southern shore of Linnansaari Island.



You can book the wood heated sauna on Sammakkoniemi in the cafeteria or in the sales office in Oravi. The sauna is in use from May to October. The first bather of the day heats up the sauna. On Remember to add wood to the sauna oven and the water pot when you finish your turn. Please leave no trash behind you and lock the door when you leave.

  • Price: 25€/ h/ family (2 adults and children)
  • Price: 30€/ h/ boat (less than 10 adults)
  • Price: 50€/h/group (over 10 people)


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